S.E.X. at home...

I love internet shopping! No crowds, no screaming brats blobbing melted
ice cream on your bum as you pass, no bored boy playing you up an
winging for drinks, food, the loo, whatever, no earth shaking sighs from
bored hubby...
My latest parcel fro eQuilter arrived! :) 2 great Harry Potter panels
for a nephew quilt, and a bit of silver brocade for my Elizabethan Court
Dress! Yummy fabrics!
Then my friend Hayleigh arrived with my sale purchase Weekender's
outfit! Lovely coffee coloured top and trousers, £31.60 instead of
£61. I can live with savings like that - specially when the clothes
last as well as these do!
Nice thing is that when I tried these sale items on a few months back,
they were a bit too tight. Now they fit perfectly! Tops a LG, so is a
leeeetle bit bigger than I might order now, but it looks just fine, and
the trousers are a MM! Last skirt I bought was a LG, and I bought that
to slim into!
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Kate Dicey
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Woohoo! Doncha love getting packages like that! Almost as good as home-made squishies. grins Congratulations on your new sizes too!
Elena, who has hidden the scales for this week.
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