[for my aunt]

hi! my aunt passed away recently, and i wanted to do some pages that
would commemorate her memory. there was a beautiful obituary in her
local newspaper that talked about her life, her immigration to this
country, what a warm and wonderful person she was, etc. i wondered, do
you think i should include the obituary on one of the pages? would that
be too morbid? has anyone else ever done this? thanks!
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diana lyster
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If you think including the whole obituary is not in good taste, then why not just retype or handwrite the sections you like and use that?
Also, if you tell me her name (you can email me offllist), I could look up her immigration info and see if I can locate the name of the ship and the manifest that would show her name when she arrived. I might be able to email you a photo of the ship as well. I do a lot of genealogical research so I'm pretty good at this. Let me know if you'd like me to do that for you.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
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Alida Spry
Of course you should include it in the album if it's a 'good' obituary (and you described it as beautiful)... it's a tribute to her and something that you will be able to look back at future years when the details have been forgotten. It sounds like it's saying what a lovely person she was, and that's always something that's nice to keep. (now if it said she was a horrible old bat and good riddance, that would be different...)
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Karen AKA Kajikit
I would include the whole obituary - speaking from the genealogy side. I usually photocopy the obit onto white acid free cardstock and crop and scrap that, but I also copy another one to put in ght genealogy file. The paper will age and be ruined because of newsprint, but getting it onto cardstock will help it to last. Sandy
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I don't think it's morbid. Obviously her obituary was filled with positive. It will help share with future generations who she was. I would put it in there.
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Deb in AR
thanks everyone for your generous feedback!
i just wanted to add that when i was home for thanksgiving, i got a box with some of my aunts personal papers ~ her nursing certification, old referral letters, etc. also, some wonderful pictures! i miss her dearly, but i'm certainly going to make some beautiful pages so the whole family can remember her life!
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diana lyster

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