Making your own Embellishments

Has anyone made their own embellishments and would you like to share
some tips on how you did it..I would love to see some examples or just
find out how to make some..
I was watching DIY and they only showed one embellishment made
from scratch..
So if any of you make yours want to share how??
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Cathys Sigs
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What kind are you talking about? I make a lot of things like paper piecings, embellished tags, shaker boxes. I do stamping and make things for the album. Recently I'm working on a Winnie the pooh ABC album for a friend who's due in Novemeber. I've been taking Poohisms and making tags to add here and there. I've used twigs from the yard, fibers, stamping to embellish these... errr embellishments. I'll be taking pictures when I get done. I've wanted to make some embellishments with polymer clay, but haven't got that far yet.
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King's Crown
Cathy, I almost always use some kind of paperpiecing on my layouts, I am a paperpiecing nut. I also like to make tags and shaker boxes. I feel as if I have been more creative when I use my own creations. I make my own paperdolls as well. I have the paperdoll die for my sizzix and can make the dolls to reflect the people and colors in my pictures.
Hugs, Sabrina in Kentucky
a good friend is a life long treasure
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