My tin & mini album are done!

I did it! I finished the April Challenge!! And it's still technically
April here, too. :P I've posted pics of the mini album on my Yahoo photos
page. They're in the RCS Challenges album. There's no pic of the tin or
front of the album. The digital camera took the pics, but I can't seem to
get them off of it! (*mutters "I will not hurt the 'puter. I will not hurt
the 'puter..."*
) In case I can't get the camera to cooperate and let me
have my pics, I'll tell you what I did. I used a black Staz-On pad and
inked the pad directly to the tin...all over. Then I heat embossed a small
white border, a square design, around the sides of the lid. Then I heat
embossed a white border, lines, around the sides of the bottom. When you
close the tin, it almost looks like a fence! (I didn't plan it that
way...but hey, it works! LOL) I heat embossed in white "Happy Father's Day"
on the top, and used stickers to add "2005" down in the corner. I even
added some bottle caps to the top! There's two bottle caps, both with
cardstock circles in them. (I can't remember the brand of these pre-printed
circle thingies.) One cardstock circle says "thanks" the other "memories".
The tin & album are DH's Father's Day gift. I've been working on this while
he's at work & asleep. Geez, being sneaky is tiring! This is my first time
to use hidden journaling, and it's all in little vellum envelopes. This
definately was a challenge for me, way different from what I usually do, but
very much worth the time and effort. Take a peak and let me know what you
think! Now it's off to bed....after I hide the tin & album again.
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Deb in AR
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*kinda sleepily* Thank you, Kenda. I'm going to spray the tin with polyurethane, just to protect the embossing. We'll have to get together once you're feeling better!
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Deb in AR
Love the litlte album DEb!! Looks wonderful! I would love to see the tin as well. I'll bet in perosn they look really great! You know pictures just don't do our art justcie. Way to go Deb!
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Way to go Deb!!! I really like what you did with the little album! Really creative!!! Can't wait to get all the pictures from you especially want to see the tin. From the description I think it will be really neat!
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The mini album looks beautiful Deb! Would love to see the tin too! Me thinks he will love it ;)
Judy, SA
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Hey! I got the camera to cough up the pics!! Well, with DH's help, but he never saw the pics. They're in the same album. I also added the pic of the front of the album, tied closed with a piece of black ribbon.
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Deb in AR
Great album and tin Deb. It looks like it will be a great father's Day gift. Good luck in keeping it hidden for a month. Once I post stuff to the web its not hidden 'cause its DH's webspace and he's the computer expert in the family.
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The bottlecaps look great on the tin. It will be a neat Father's Day gift - if you can wait that long....... Sandy
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Thanks Lorilee! Now I just have to make myself wait until Father's Day. The good news is that he doesn't check out my layouts online. Once I show them to him when I'm done, he leaves it be. LOL So the pics should be farely safe online.
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Deb in AR
Thanks Tabitha! Yep, that's what I keep telling myself....just hold on. Actually, I've put it up where he won't think to look. Hopefully I'll remember where I put it in a month. LOL
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Deb in AR

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