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OT: My visits and Travels - BIG TY!!
Over the past 6 weeks i have been so blessed in that I have seen a bunch of really truly blessed friends fro this great "Family" we have here!! I have to say the BESTEST time I had was shopping in...
13 years ago 6
OT: Home for a spell, & recuping
Well I know, been here for a couple days now, but work is REALLY BAD at the moment. DT is on one of his power trips and we al stressed out. Of course after the totally disasterous Denver show, it is...
13 years ago 5
OT: scary accident today with DS
well, as some of you know Kevin (DH) started working out of town this week. i almost got the week done with no accidents until this afternoon. my DS ( 3 next week) uses any means necessary to get what...
13 years ago 9
good idea or bad idea?
I am thinking of requesting baby pre-made pages to help me catch up on Zen's baby album's. She is 14 months now and pics are in her album at I figure I have a lot of extras here, including boy baby...
13 years ago 5
wow...OOPs did I do that again?
I won 2 BIG BIG auctions off ebay again. Same lady I usually get it from. I can't wait. Dave coming to look?????? You know you want to! Zen wants to see ya too. I knew I could tease ya somehow!!. Also...
13 years ago 4
Details for atc swap have been sent
I forgot to ask in the message for each of you to reply so I know that you received it. If you didn't get the details please let me know. Katrina in KS I got it! HI. I got it too. ~~~Kate (cough...
13 years ago 9
new quickutz tool
has anyone seen the new quickutz cutter? it sits on the table and has 4 inch dies. i think it's four inch. might have to get me one. my birthday and christmas is fast approaching. :) :) :) Anji Lol.....
13 years ago 11
Happy B-Day Tabitha!
Hope you're having a great B-Day and that I get to see you soon. I know that you went shopping, but what did you get??? Inquiring minds want to know!! Big squishy hug, Thank you so much M-C! :) I hope...
13 years ago 8
Happy belated B-Day to Linda B
I was in a bit of a fog yesterday, but I hope you had a wonderful B-Day, Lin! Big Hugs, LIN IN NY< hope you had a Happy One and that you get some GREAT time with special people!! ((HUGS)) OKC Dave...
13 years ago 3
Just a reminder!
thanks for the reminder. i need to start hinting to DH for goodies. Anji >
13 years ago 1
A digital layout (one of many to follow)
I've got a terrible cold -- Think Fozzie Bear in an echo chamber LOL But I did a layout digitally: Kate Hi Kate, I liked your scrapbook page very much. What software did you use? Did you create it...
13 years ago 3
OT: Here's another video
I spliced three separate movies together. Kate
13 years ago
Super NSSSF Amanda!
I wanted to share with everyone what my NSSSF Amanda sent me from Sizzix! Boy, was I excited to open it! A Sizzlit set of four tiles with Flowers # 4,5,6,7 An individual Snowflake #2 Sizzlit A...
13 years ago 2
OT: I played with Google Video and Windows Movie Maker
Thought you would like to see. Google Video is easy to use. Windows Movie Maker is fun. Kate Cute! Gotta love that age when they discover running. It seems walking stops then. LOL Good job! Running is...
13 years ago 3
Many more cards added to my webshots album
I just went in and did a big update and added all the cards I've made for swaps since August. to the end of the album. Wow, that's a lot of cards. WTG Karen! I can't pick a favorite, they're all...
13 years ago 4