First time making a cloak help please

I've done some sewing but never a cloak let alone one that reverses but tha
t is what I'm doing now. It is for my husband birthday based off a simplici
ty pattern but the fabric stretched after hanging a few days, and i cut the
bottom to long and have no clue how to hem it. Can anybody tell me how to
fix the bottom.
Any help is appreciated
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I'm not sure what "I cut the bottom too long" means... is it now too short? Or is it still too long?
I would either put it on your husband or a friend who pretty close to the same size and even up the hem till it is a uniform distance from the floor.
If the cloak is currently too long, connect up the dots or pins you put in to mark an equal distance to the floor, then add the hem allowance. Trim anything longer than the hem allowance, and turn up the hem and secure it.
If the cloak is currently too short, I would do the same thing... put the cloak on someone of about the same size, and measure the hem evenly up from the floor. If the hem is uneven, I would shorten the whole cloak to that length. Then measure how much longer you want the cloak to be -- let's say it needs another 4" of finished length. Using the bottom section of the cloak as a pattern, I would cut a band that is twice the amount you need wide, plus two seam allowances.
Sew this band to the bottom of the cloak, as if it were a giant double-fold bias binding:
formatting link
I could give you better directions if I knew what the cape design was. Some are straight of grain, gathered at the neckline. Others started out with curved hems.
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