How long to keep work in progress that isn't mine.

Clearing up the workspace and I came across something I had forgotten
and it caused me to ask a question and the answer was quite interesting
so I thought I would pop it on here too.
Sometimes as a dressmaker of my own range of children's clothing I end
up taking on repairs and new makes for clients. Several years ago I took
on a coat in fake fur for a customer. I made a mock up and fitted that
but found she hadn't purchased enough fabric. She was going back to the
shop to get enough for the one sleeve which I couldn't fit in the
meterage she had brought. I still have her uncut fabric, lining and
pattern all of which she purchased.
The question is how long do I wait before the fabric is mine?
It's been years but I can't say how many because it's been so long. I no
longer have the contact details for her although I know the town but
can't recall her name, yes I should have put them in the bag with her
fabric but I clearly put them in my working notebook which has long gone.
I have now found out Dry cleaning has to be kept for a year apart from
Fur and leather which has special requirements, Can't find out what the
special requirements are. If I leave my car at the garage they can sell
it after 3 months. Object left in a hotel room 6 months.
Guess I am about to make myself a sleeveless fake fur jacket LOL
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Claire in France
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How long you've got to keep it depends on the state laws here, but if you've forgotten how long ago it was left, I suspect you'd probably be in the clear in most of the states here.
Hope the fabric is fun!
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Kay Lancaster

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