how to correctly insert the bobbin case Brother's VX-807

I wonder if anyone could help me out here. I've been sitting in front
of this machine sweating trying to put the bobbin case together. I
check online with Brothers, but they were not very helpful. I cannot
get this machine to work to do anything now. I tried several times to
put the bobbing case together. Please any kind of advice and steps to
put this together, thanks!
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The site below does not list the VX-807, but has the threading diagram (including the bobbin case, scroll down to the bottom of the page) for the VX-808:
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there's enough similarity that it will help? Beverly
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BEI Design
I will assume you took apart the entire shuttle assembly. Raise the needle to the highest position. Then fist insert the shuttle, the half moon shaped piece with the beak on it, beak goes down. It helps if you tip the machine back a little so it does not fall out. The 2 black levers should be pointing away from the center at about 10 and 2 Put the ring on and move the lever toward the center to clip them on the race ring. Place the bobbin in the bobbin case so then you pull the thread the bobbin turns counter clockwise. Place the bobbin case on the pin on the shuttle with the finger positioned so that it fits in the slot in the race ring (just before 12 o'clock) Be sure it snaps into place. you will hear an audible click
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Ron Anderson
Hey, that sounds EXACTLY like my White machine, circa 1975. Are hey cousins??
Olwyn Mary in New Orleans.
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Olwyn Mary

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