looking for small sewing project

I am looking for a small sewing project that I could make to sell at my
guilds quilt show. The show will be in October. I am looking for a small
item that I could ell for maybe 3-5 dollars. Maybe something for children or
something handy for a ladies purse. One lady is making purse size tissue
covers. another lady always paper pieces pumpkin pins. She sells out of
those. Any Ideas?
She in PA
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She in PA
I am looking for something different. Something new not the ordinary things. There are people from all over on here surely there are things made in one part of the country that is new that hasn't made it to the other parts of the country yet.
She in PA
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She in PA
Well golly She, maybe you can list all the "ordinary" things already being produced in your part of the country so we'll have a better idea of "different" things to suggest. We're not mind readers, after all!
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How about flat iron or curling iron covers. You need some of that shiny silvery stuff for the lining. I bought 2 for Christmas presents made by Vera Bradley.
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Lee & Cathi Thomas
How about a "Tooth Fairy Pillow" or a "Grandma Paddle" The Grandma Paddle is a pillow on the end of a paint stick, and you could be as creative as you like with the Tooth Fairy pillow.
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Chip's Mom
A neighbor recently showed me the quilted potato baker cover for 'baking' potatoes in the micro. Her sister made dozens and they all sold (I think her price was only $2 but not sure). Maybe already too common but I thought it was a good idea and simple to make. Sorry I don't have a link to a pattern.
Jean M.
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Jean D Mahavier
Many quilters and crafters seem to be cat people. Why don't you get some "kitty themed" fabric and a big tub of catnip and make catnip toys. Google "patterns+catnip toys" and you'll get all kinds of ideas. You can buy huge tubs of catnip at the larger chain pet stores and also by the pound bags online.
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I wonder why. I always had a cat, but for the last few years I didn't. Now I adopted a nice one and feel better. (And yes she is neutered and microchipped and licenced and all that stuff). She is black as night, like a witches cat. Her name is nothing to be afraid of though, its Fefe (fee-fee). She is almost 2 years old and just wonderful.
I have the urge now to do some cat sewing!
Michelle Giordano
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One of the neatest things I've seen recently is an I-POD case. The pattern was in a recent magazine, perhaps SEW NEWS; there is a strap to fasten to the person's pants or inside the handbag. With one of my DGS's losing his last month, I am making each of the g'children one. Emily
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It also grows VERY quickly. It will take over a garden plot if you're not careful with it. And cutting and drying is very easy also. All could easily be accomplished by October. If you don't have room for a garden plot outside, it will grow just fine in a large pot. Miracle Gro potting soil is great for starting seeds. I was just pricing seeds the other day. About $1 for a good sized packet. When I first planted that a few years back, I used about 1/3 of a packet. Harvested, oh, a big bunch of nip even the first year. I think once it was dried and crumbled down, I had about 5 gallon sized zip lock bags. Every cat I know thought I was Wonderful. lol It will also reseed itself and come back the next year.
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Sharon Hays
Pacifier tethers are quite useful and super simple to make. They give you an opportunity for high cuteness factor, especially if you machine embroider them with popular baby names or an initial. (I'll buy *anything* with my son's name on it!)
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"wurstergirl" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@p10g2000cwp.googlegroups.com:
you might want to rethink that as he gets to toddler stage. little kids are likely to go off with anyone who seems to know thier name. while stranger kidnappings are rare, there is a possibility & removing the kids name from anywhere visible on thier person is highly recommended (IOW, put the name on a label *inside* the preschool knapsack, coat, hat, boots, etc) initials & cute designs are still good ideas. lee
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