New reader, please forgive if slightly OT

I've just spent entirely too much time searching the web this morning,
trying to find a semi-sewing project. I also scanned the nearly 3,000
articles my newsreader brought up for this group, but didn't see
anything that might apply.
What I'm looking for is an easy fabric-covered jewelry tray. What I
remember seeing in a magazine (ages ago, so that's no help) is
basically a shallow box/box lid covered with fabric, tied up with bows
at the corners.
If you can direct me to a source, I would be very appreciative. I'm a
long-time sewist (that seems to be the term on this group) but have
been inactive for years. Now I'm newly retired, and I hope to get
back into it.
Thanks again for any help you can give,
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Patricia Martin Steward
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Thank you, Claire! These are both very like what I seek.
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Patricia Martin Steward

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