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've just bought these trousers for rock climbing in and I really wantanother pair, but the price is a bit much to buy two pairs the same! Let medescribe why they're good:
They have an elasticated waist so they stay closed round my bum while I'm
climbing (flashing my bum crack is not the way I want to get attention from
men! I want them to look cause I'm gooooood at what I do!)
They fit well round the hips. And I have larger than average hips and bum.
They're tight there but not too tight.
They are loose in the legs for movement.
They allow flexibility around the groin and the same place at the back so I
can move in them.
They have the cool tie ups at the bottom that not only look really cool but
also are functional and they mean I can walk to the wall with the trousers
long and go to the pub afterwards the same, but hitch them up for when I
want to be active!
So.... I guess my question is, has anyone seen a pattern for something
similar? AND does anyone know any tutorials for putting in the draw cords
on the legs and to add an elasticated waist to a pair of trousers?
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There's a really good book, "making patterns from finished clothes" I think is the name of it.
Is "elasticated" a UK term? We say "elasticized" here in the US.
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I have a couple of "clam digger" style pants with those drawstrings that pull up the legs. I like them. They should be fairly simple to copy on a pair of regular pants with legs that are not skimpy.
But I also searched and found Burda 7917 which looks about right. Shorter than what you have, but easy enough to lengthen. Of course, the picture may be misleading, and it might be a simple horizontal tie.
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