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Hi Everyone
What a lovely day we have ...........My question is this.....I have a A-Line
pattern...that i don't want to use.(as Aline) is it ok just to make a long
skirt I hope )
Any Help please??
OT does radiotherapy, effect your sewing ?? I dont seem to get to grips
with what i want to do... :-))
Many thanks
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Are you saying you want to use an A-line skirt pattern to make a long, straight skirt? It probably won't make a good long, straight skirt, but you could extend it to make a long A-line skirt.
But drafting a straight skirt is easy, and you can find instructions to do it at any of these web sites:
formatting link
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Melinda Meahan - take out TRAS
Can't see why not. If the waistlines are the same length, you can pretty much use any skirt pattern with any bodice pattern.
Well, they have to be the same height too; a skirt meant for a natural waist would look a bit odd sewn to an empire waistline.
But I just pleat or gather a big rectangle onto a waistband and call it a skirt -- might be better to ask someone who makes skirts by patterns.

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Joy Beeson
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Joy Beeson
Hi Joy, I'm another who doesn't use a pattern to make a skirt. I've NOT used a paper pattern to make the long velvet skirts for fancy occasions, and the woven for different skirts. I also don't use a paper pattern to make a knit pull over top. I lay a favoriate knit top on the knit cloth and cut. Barbara in SC "Joy Beeson" wrote in message >
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