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Fabric stores in New York City
Hi fellow stitchers, I know this question has been asked in the past but stores come and go so I'd like up-to-date info. I'm going to NYC the week after Easter and would like to browse/shop at some...
10 years ago 3
Sewing rooms
I'm a sticky beak and love looking at how others organise their craft/sewingrooms. Found this beaut site: Wow!! I've looked at a few posted here and I haven't even scratched the surface! Lots of great...
10 years ago 8
What a blast!
Just got back form DGD's, she is going to make Vogue 8571 her June promotion-from-middle-school ceremony. However, she wants the back neckline a little lower, and she wants to "Anthonyize" (if you...
10 years ago 26
Sewing machine
Hello again. A while back, I mentioned I had an old Singer. I lied. I went to get it from storage yesterday and it is in fact a Necchi 544 (not sure if Mk I or Mk II). Not sure why I mis-remembered...
10 years ago 14
[OT] Here's why I'm not posting much
Ming is sick, I have an appointment. At first, I thought he was just a little upset at all the commotion around here the last two weeks. He was refusing food all weekend although he still drank water,...
10 years ago 12
OT: phone scams
Hey All, Just wanted to toss out a heads up. There is a scam that has gone around (here in the States) before going around again. It's a phone thing. They have called here several times in the past....
10 years ago 5
A final attack of hat!
Done and dusted! And seriouslt BLING! "Kate XXXXXX" wrote You don't make fabulous hats, and you are seriously not mad! ;-] My hands are convinced I'm bonkers at any rate! "Kate XXXXXX" wrote in...
10 years ago 17
Curtains and new sewing machine
I'm renovating a house in England and have got to the point where I need curtains(!) Long story short: I never imaging buying curtains could be so much grief - no ready made websites I can find have...
10 years ago 15
Where are you, girls!?
What is this, does my server not show or are there no comments on the 82 red carpet of you know what? I had a little peek at things here: , although I'm dead sure that that can't have been all....
10 years ago 7
Making Tights Into Stockings
Hello All I am plus size and lots of the lovely tights (panty hose) available ie Pamela Mann are one size only and therefore won't fit. Do you think it would be possible to cut off the body part of...
10 years ago 3
More on the latest hat!
Gluing the peak on. I had help. In fact, Himself did it and I held the camera. There's a cat in there too... No, not IN the hat - just fairly close and very sleepy! very nice hattage. jenn -- Jenn...
10 years ago 2
Enter for your chance to win some great goodies. There are no fees and you don't have to register for anything. This month, we're looking for videos describing what your favourite gift to sew is. For...
10 years ago
too many sales
and worse (this is NYC area) .... not good.
10 years ago
Pickles strikes again
March 4, 2010: On Mar 4, 2:08=A0pm, "BEI Design" wrote: that reflects my DH! Fred claims he can't "picture" the fabrics together, but always loves the end result.
10 years ago 1
Just orderd £320 worth of silk for a bride. 33m of silk in two colours: cherry red and bitter chocolate. Some organza and some dupion. Averages out at £9.70 a meter. Kewl! It'll be here tomorrow......
10 years ago 9