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In a previous post someone asked about "show-and-tell". This post from
1998 about the original charter for this group also talks about gifs,
etc. as being allowable only on alt.binaries newsgroups. I found it by
entering charter in the "search this group" box. There is also a lot of
interesting information in the archives, which can be found by clicking
"about this group". The archives listing shows a definite slowdown in
posts over the last few years. I'm basically a lurker, and have been
glad to see the revived interest in this newsgroup.
Following is the Charter for this group:
CHARTER: rec.crafts.rubberstamps
The purpose of the newsgroup is to facilitate open discussion of the
of rubberstamping. It will provide a global forum to discuss topics
concerning rubberstamping, its techniques, vendors, sources of
supplies, and
to arrange swaps.
The group will be unmoderated.
Postings from vendors advertising their products and sales are welcome
provided they announce the word vendor in the subject line of their
The group was proposed and organized by:
Phyllis Rowan
Linda Berman
Suzanne Colter
Karen Clark
Michele Scheel
Kim Thomas
although none of us currently seem to be very active in the group.
Posting gifs, jpegs, etc. is not allowed as it is only allowed in the
alt.binaries newsgroups.
I hope this answers any questions.
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I thought I'd weigh in on this since I've been a Usenet administrator for a couple of decades (time flies ...)
Usenet is a text medium. It was developed back when there was only text. Then file structures got more complicated ... and large. Then the focus was on conservation of disk space. Folks who ran news servers didn't want the "binaries" because they take up so much more disk space than simple text. In response to that, groups where binaries were accepted were developed to allow a site to accept those or not, depending on their space situation.
Fast forward to now. Usenet is still a text medium. But web sites have been developed that host images, often for free. The practice now is to put a web link in a Usenet post that leads to an image residing on one of those image hosting services.
Two popular image hosting sites are Flikr
formatting link
and WebShots
formatting link
. There are others. The folks in rec.crafts.scrapbooks use this method frequently, and many posters include a link to their main image web page as part of their signatures.
For example, here is my beach scrapbook:
formatting link
make yourself an album somewhere, and share your stamping. Then I'll resolve to put mine online, too. :-) Gina Bull Network Systems Information Technology and Communications University of Virginia
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Gina Bull

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