New Look pattern 6113 toddler dress

Has anyone use this pattern? I have a question about the cutting layout
that I can't figure out. It shows the selvage edge at the top and the
bottom (I'm ok with it so far) but it also shows sel. on the right hand
side of the picture and I assume sel. is an abbreviation for selvage. How
can you have selvage on top, bottom and right hand side. If anyone can
help, I'd really appreciate it.
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Can you put up a photo of the cutting diagram someplace public? Or email it to me (k a y @ f e r n d o t c o m)
Sounds like an oopsie to me, unless there are two diagrams, one showing some pieces "cut two on folded fabric" and another series with pieces laid single ply.
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Kay Lancaster
I just went to TSWLTH and pulled that pattern. I took pics with my iPad, but the pictures disappeared, so I cannot refer you to the actual pattern piece numbers.
The cutting diagram shows two sections of the fabric, first one with "sel"(selvedge) at the top, "fold" at the bottom and "sel" on the right, in about the location where you would find the second selvedge after folding just the amount needed to cut the bodice pieces. Cut the skirt piece in a singe layer, and the bodice piece(s) on the smaller folded piece at the bottom. The remaining pattern pieces are cut on a double layer, folded with selvedges at the top IIRC.
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