Huskylock 550D Overlocker Problem.

I have inherited a Huskylock 550D Overlocker but I can't seem to get it to
work. I've threaded it and all the
threading is right (I think). The main problem is when I feed the material
through, the machine is pushing
the material forward (towards me)- instead of feeding it backwards away
from me. As far as I know there is
no reverse feed on the machine, and I have the manual but it mentions
nothing that will help me. The
cotton is also getting tangled around the needle plate.
Please Help because I cant work out whats going on.
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Sounds like incorrect threading and maladjusted deferential feed. Set everything to Normal, and thread up, starting with the lower looper, then upper, then right needle then left. Make sure that the machine is set for regular sewing rather than rolled edges.
If you still have problems, you may need to take it for a service. Before that, I'd strongly suggest reading tha manual from end to end, paying particular attention to threading diagrams and fault finding. Almost all overlocker faults are user induced. The smallest thing can cause a problem.
If you don't have the manual, get a replacement as soon as you can.
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Hi ..k.. my wife's 550d has the same problem with it but i think I have found the following problem. .the grub screws have come loose in side the ..stitch length dial very easy to fix ..rod in tasmania Australia hope this helps you can ask me for help if you want to cheers. .
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