Huskylock 550D Overlocker

I have inherited a Huskylock 550D Overlocker and my problem is the material wont
feed through machine (sews on same point). I have oiled, cleaned out lint from
feed teeth, adjusted settings as per manual (including differential feed) but
nothing seems to work. Any suggestions? Don't want to send to service centre and
find it was a simple adjustment I could have done. Please HELP!
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Take the needles out and unthread. Set for the longest possible stitch. Put a piece of paper under the presser foot and hit the gas. Is the paper transported? If not, you've got more trouble than I can diagnose, unless it's just the needle plate is not tightly screwed down on your machine.
If the paper is transported, try a scrap of fabric. If that doesn't transport, it suggests to me something like insufficient presser foot pressure, or way too much presser foot pressure. If it works, try several different fabric weights and numbers of plies. Also try dropping the knife into position -- is the fabric cut cleanly?
Still working ok? Rethread the machine and start a chain. (Hint: it's nice to put different colors of thread in each position -- helps with troubleshooting). Is it chaining ok? If not, this is usually a threading fault, or much more rarely, a timing fault. Timing: take it to a good repair person. Threading: rethread, using a few well chosen words along the way.
Still ok? Try a single ply of something about the weight of muslin. It should feed, stitch and cut. Change the stitch length and check that adjustment works.
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Kay Lancaster

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