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Hi all......
Wanting to learn how to thread boxes but don't know which threading
tools to buy......Which threading tools is the better one..Crown,
Robert Sorby, Allen Batty, or is there others... need help.
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Bill Noce
I'm glad this subject has been brought up. I too am interested in opinions on threading tools. Also, other than practice, are there any good videos that teach threading?
Stephen DiCenso
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Willy - I haven't used any of the above, but the business end of threaders is pretty simple - I got a set of old dies from a metal threader and welded a bolt to them for a handle -works great and cost me $5. You could go cheaper by grinding a 2 sides of a 1 inch threaded section, feathering the lead-in threads, and welding on handles.
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Bill we have the expert on wood threading posting right here on the wrec. Fred holder, and he has taken the time to write a book about the procedure and the tools. Got a link here to Lee Valley they carry the book, and I think you should get it if you don't want to reinvent the wheel so to speek.
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,46096,46126 Have fun and take care Leo Van Der Loo
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