Crocheted Unchained Circles Vest

I finished a crocheted vest tonight. I made it for my SIL. My daughter is
my model. My daughter is believe it or not slightly bigger than my SIL. My
SIL is XS and my daughter is S in size. DD has gone to bed hours ago and I
stayed up to watch a movie marathon with DH. So, tomorrow I'll have
daughter try it on and take pictures to post on Ravelry.
Here's a link to the pattern I used and a pretty good picture of the vest.
formatting link
say pretty good, because there is no picture of the front. The instructions confused me and I wished I could see the front. BUT I stumbled upon a circular sweater pattern a friend was making and it had front, side and back pictures which helped tremendously. I was able to see how the whole thing was supposed to look in order to interpret the instructions.
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