Janome MC11000 Problem

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My wife just bought a Janome MC11000 sewing machine. She is trying to send
an embroidery pattern from her computer to the sewing machine.

Is there someone who can help us with this?

We have tried to send the information using the USB CABLE and we keep
getting a Parameter Error message.

I am going to see if I can save it to Thumb Drive and/or Compact Flash card
for the sewing to us.

However, we would like to be able to send the designs DIRECTLY from PC to

Thanks ahead of time,


Re: Janome MC11000 Problem
Wes wrote:

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The Janome is supposed to support five different ways to get a design
to the sewing machine, including Direct PC Link.  Have you looked for
the info in the manual?  Is there an installation CD provided with the
11000 that you have to install on your PC?

 From the advertising:
Direct PC Connection, ATA PC Card, Optional CD-ROM Drive, and a
standard USB Memory Stick. And if you really want to go high tech, the
wireless optional StitchLink allows you to transfer designs from your
computer to your Memory Craft 11000 at the other end of the house.

   - Herb

Re: Janome MC11000 Problem
Thank you for helping Herb,

I was able to get a design to transfer onto the Compact Flash card and then
to the sewing machine. I am still not able to get the Direct PC Link to work

The lady who teaches this machine at the store is available on Wednesday so
we can call her then.

I have not given up yet. Since it says there is a Parameter Error I would
think it has something to do with the properties between the computer and
the sewing machine.

I haven't given up yet.

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Re: Janome MC11000 Problem
are you trying to send it to the machine via the customizer software?
I seem to remember the software contained different versions for other
models of machine as well make sure you have installed it for the
11000 machine,


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Re: Janome MC11000 Problem
Latest update...

I was able to get the patterns to transfer to the sewing machine using the
USB cable. Turns out you have to select the destination before you can
transfer the pattern.

However, when we bring up a pattern and try to save it from the cdrom disk
to the hard drive we still get an error message. Not sure what is causing
this problem. This means we are not able to resize or modify the pattern at
this time.

My wife will be taking a class to learn how to use the new machine and this
will be one of MANY questions to ask.

Janome is VERY GOOD about telling how to update the firmware in the sewing
machine and provided detail instructions to follow.

I will keep you updated.
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