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Just out of curiosity where do those of you who buy your batting in
bulk get it from?
I'm looking for the best prices possible for rolls that are at least
108" wide, preferably 120"
Also any places in Canada would be great as well to avoid the over the
border crap!
But U.S. places will do as well.

Cotton or poly, looking for prices for both.

Tammy in ONtario!

Re: Batting.......BULK!
My batting comes from  They carry lots of brands and
sizes.  Apparently, they don't actually keep everything they sell in their
own back room but seem to have a super arrangement with the manufacturers
(or somebody). I've been pleased with price, shipping costs and delivery.
If only they would come help me figure out where to store it myself.
There's a box of batting in our living room now.  It's about the size of a
refrigerator.  I've thought about standing the box beside the piano and
topping it with a bust of Beethoven.  Stringing it with Christmas tree
lights?  Polly

"JPgirl" wrote > Just out of curiosity where do those of you who buy your
batting in
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Re: Batting.......BULK!
I like the thought of the Christmas lights    lol

I have mine suspended on old curtain rods under one of my
sewing tables.  I can pull it off the roll easy that way.

Boofhead did investigate it when I first put it there (as
cats will!) but after he cautiously climbed on top of the
roll only to have it gently roll and dump him head first on
the floor . . . . . well, he never went back on it.  He just
sleeps in his box next to it now.


Cheryl & the Cats in OZ
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Re: Batting.......BULK!
Grab some Christmas fabric and drape it over the top artfully, stack
presents on and around and voila!  A Christmas tree!!

Either that or send it to me and I'll take care of it for you.....

Sharon from Melbourne Australia (Queen of Down Under) (takes awhile to load)
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Re: Batting.......BULK!
Buy it a Halloween costume -a mask and a cape would do! You could get it a
Santa suit for Christmas, a Pilgrim outfit for Thanksgiving, endless
possibilities! Or just dress it in a baggy cotton house dress and apron,
glasses and a wig, and call it your maiden aunt.(I once had an aunt about
the size of a refrigerator.)
Roberta in D

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Re: Batting.......BULK!
Hi Tammy, try googling Canadian only sites for quilt batting - the
Canadian Longarmers' Association might also be a source of information
for you through one of their members.  Another possible source would be
to buy off the roll (retail) - Walmart and Fabricland both stock
Warm&Natural by the roll - maybe you could special order a full one
from them.  Fabricland also does have 50%off sales occasionally on
their quilting notions, etc so it would be $7.75m (last price I paid
for a supply).
I also looked at Hancock's of P. batting pages - they have poly rolls
for $70US plus extra shipping charges for large parcels - you might
want to check with them what the total costs to Canada would be.  I
know that they used to charge extra to cover any cross-border taxes,
etc. but parcels were delivered to the door without any hidden
surprises for the wallet.
If you don't have access to actual retail shopping where you live,
there are other Canadian online stores that I have seen where batting
by the metre is available - if you find one out of province, then you
would also save on the sales tax.
Hope that info helps you to find a source that works for you, jennellh
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JPgirl wrote:
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Re: Batting.......BULK!
Thanks Jennel and polly,

I do live within 10 mins of two Fabriclands, a Walmart, and a quilt
I was told to come up with a wish list for christmas and though I might
include that.
I would rather not but batting retail if I don't have to, even with a
discount card at fabricland it is still too expensive IMO for cotton
anyway. I don't much like the look of poly for most quilts but for some
it is quite suitable.

The only concern I had with Batt-mart was their policy for cross border
shipping, they basically state right on ther site that they send it
United states postal service regular parcel post and there is no way to
track it so as soon as it is sent it is considered delivered for them
and if it gets lost it is your tough luck. I can't imagine the USPS
losing a parcel so large but stranger things have happened.

Re: Batting.......BULK!
How many yards of batting is on a roll?


Re: Batting.......BULK!
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