right side of fleece

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Please anyone...... I am trying to sew ear/neck covers for basset
girls before winter but can not remember which side of the fleece is
right and which is wrong. Does it roll to the right side when pulled
or wrong side?
(still havent found polar fleece books since moving in)
Thank you much.....s

Re: right side of fleece
twinkle wrote:

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If you are using fashion fleece, the right side will be the one where
the base knit is less obvious and any print is less sharp.  For real
Polartec and other high performance fleece, the anti-pill side looks
slightly textured.  Otherwise look at the cut edge: the right side will
have thicker pile.  I've never known good fleece to curl in any
direction, and the pile is so dense you cannot see the base knit.

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Re: right side of fleece
Here are a couple of web sites that were recommended to me by posters on
this ng when I used fleece for the first time a few months ago:


BTW, I found fleece a lot easier to use than I had expected.

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Re: right side of fleece

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If you pull a vertical cut edge (or selvedge) of fleece it will curl to the
right side, and to the wrong side on a crossgrain cut. ( Rochelle Harpers
'Sew the New Fleece')

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