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Cake Pans
Hi, this is my first posting to the group. I read that light colored, shiney (aluminum?) cake pans, as opposed to the kind that are treated with a non-stick coating, are preferred because they reflect...
13 years ago 24
Portugese Broa
Worked on my first generation of a Portugese Broa (yeasted corn bread) recipe this weekend - turned out pretty good! I'll probably continue adjusting - I'd like to use more whole wheat without...
13 years ago
crust features
I dont seem to be able to create interesting crust features like ears on the bread I bake. I love how this looks in the artisanal bread I buy, and I want to recreate it at home. Can someone tell me...
14 years ago 9
bread remedy?
Looking for suggestions to fix a problem: Got a new Viking stand mixer (great!). Tried out a two loaf batch of a favorite bread I've been making by hand for years. The mixer did its thing beautifully...
14 years ago 8
repost: brick-like sponge
Apologies if this comes through twice. My original post doesn't seem to be showing up -- at least I'm not able to view it. --Vic I'm trying to make a sponge-based flan. The recipe I have is as...
14 years ago 9
The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?
So the Super Wal-Mart near me has "Value Added" French Bread with garlic Parmesan, rosemary herb, "everything" topping, and a couple others. When my roommate or myself buys loaves of these bread we...
14 years ago 43
Sourdough starter question
I'm new to this. I'm using Nancy Silverton's grape starter recipe. It's day three. I've read everywhere that the starter may separate into flour on the bottom and liquid on the top. Mine is just the...
14 years ago 5
Pie Shields
Does anyone know where I can find pie shields for smaller pie pans? I have the adjustable kind, but I can't seem to find any small enough for the pot pie sized pans. Thanks. Scott If you can't find...
14 years ago 12
Added melted chocolate to a cake recipe
I'm trying to create a chocolate cake recipe that will rise nicely and have a fine moist crumb. It is to be used as a layer cake so it needs to be sturdy as well. I've experimented with lots of...
14 years ago 4
OH NO!!! I forgot the oil!
I suspect a major disaster. I never made lemon chiffon cake so I went by a recipe which called for about a cup or so of salad oil. I got all my mis en place and went to work, step by step by the...
14 years ago 9
Yoga Cooking Tour in Italy
Yoga Tour Held on the Noble estate of Villa Castelletti Included in the Program -> 6 nights accommodations (in double or triple occupancy apartments) -> All Meals: Daily Breakfast, Organic Yoga Lunch,...
14 years ago
Buttercream problem
Hello, I would really appreciate some advice on making buttercream. I have tried making simple buttercream using the recipe of sugar, butter, and heavy cream or water, but was not successful. Using...
14 years ago 5
Rosie's recipe - measuring ingredients
Hello, Referring to Rosie's sour cream chocolate cake recipe, I have problem trying to convert the cup measurements to grams. Does anyone know: 1. the weight in grams per cup of sifted all-purpose...
14 years ago 2
FS: Hand Crank Dough Mixer
I'm selling my Back to Basics dough mixer here: , Jim You had both of your forearms amputated?
14 years ago 1
How to stipple bread??
I have read recently that if one "stipples" bread it improves the appearance and the flavor of a bread. I gather that one pierces the loaf before baking. I have no idea how this is done. Do you do...
14 years ago 2