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fruit cake
I like to know the procedure how to make fruit cake any body could help me What Kind of fruit cake are you after baking. there are loads of different types. Take a look at some varieties. Check out...
9 years ago 3
baking fanatic
Hope I could use my talent in baking in going back to school I just finish my Baking and Pastry class and I miss it a lot. Now I am thinking of baking at home. :)
9 years ago 1
baking addiction
Baking helped me a lot in coping my stress from work Me too! I bake breads when I'm mad because I can release all my anger while kneading. LOL
9 years ago 1
Question About An Upcoming Fall TV Program
What are the chances that Fox's new time travel/dinosaur show "Terra Nova" will succeed? The premise looks interesting, but doesn't something like "Terra Nova" better suited for the big screen? My...
9 years ago 16
Baking tips?
Hi, I want to make my first apple pie any secret recipies out thier or tips because this is my first time i need to know some tricks to try to make it. Regards
9 years ago
Can I bake 2 cakes in the oven at the same time? Will it affect temperature?
Hi, I have one cake on the top shelf and one on the bottom, both of the same size and same mixture. It's a fan-forced oven heated to 160C or 320F and the recipe recommends I cook for 45-50mins. Does...
9 years ago 2
Re: Double Chocolate Cookies
thanks i could let my mum try this one A blog about food and recipes. This is good recipe i will try must .......
9 years ago 1
Best New York Style Pizza in San Diego
If you have never set foot in New York and have, therefore, never had the chance to sample authentic New York style pizza, pasta etc then you now have the chance to do so because A Brooklyn pizzeria...
9 years ago
Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce
I picked up a bottle of this Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce at Restaurant Depot the other day. It is absolutely delicious. It is sold in their foodservice line and I don't see where it's available...
9 years ago 1
Chocolate pork ribs recipe on video
Chocolate and pork? That's right. Leave it to the Brits to get creative with sweets and meats! Check out this recipe for chocolate pork ribs by British chef Arthur Potts Dawson: !!
9 years ago
Gordon Ramsay's baked pork chops recipe
Watch Gordon Ramsay cook a baked pork chops recipe and learn pork chop basics. There is nothing quite like learning from the pros. This is for all those of you that love good home cooking. Enjoy!!...
9 years ago
How to make sugar cookies better
Getting a business on track. Just trying to get my cookies better and prettyer. Just would love to hear new ideas.You can visit my page at and this way you can see them and give me new ideas. Thank...
9 years ago
Converting Sourdough Formula To Non-Sourdough Formula
Hi, I'm new here and have a formula I would like to convert to a non-sourdough. The levain calls for 1 oz of stiff starter, then when it's added to the final dough formula it is 2 1/4 ounces. I would...
9 years ago
Fair Trade ingredients? Graduate student needs opinions for thesis, thanks!!
Hello! I am a graduate student at the University of Southern California who is looking into the perceptions people have of fair trade products. I=92ve created a short, non-commercial survey and would...
9 years ago
Q: How do you make a pie less rich?
Question: Can I make this recipe less rich? I have a recipe for a Dark Chocolate Pie. The recipe ingredients are as follows: 2 cups dark chocolate 1/2 stick (2oz) unsalted butter 1 Tbsp brandy 1/2 cup...
9 years ago 1