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We are moving here in a couple of weeks (eek, it's sneeking up on me too
quick!!!), and Ken is going to have a study with a full size bed in it.
I would like to ask my mother to make a quilt for us for that bed (since the
only comforter we have is a grapevine-pattern comforter set that I got (one
of those bed-in-a-bags).
He is a MAJOR Miami dolphins fan, and has a lot of memorabalia from them.
My question is: do you either know of a Miami Dolphins quilt pattern (full
size, or can be adapted), or suggestions for one?
Doesn't have to be a dolphin. I was even thinking the material of the
dolphins print, teal material, and orange material. I copied the picture
that yiou have of the baby blanket that was Africa inspired, as one idea.
BTW, he doesn't know it yet, but I am thinking of doing the upstairs bath
(full size) in the colors...he said I could do it however I want, after
arguing over the other rooms in the house. The bathrooms are mine!!!
Hehehehe! I am thinking the small 1/2 bath for kitties!!!
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That sounds like a really fun quilt. WHy don't you contact me off group and I can work with you one on one. Craftigirl at earthlink dot net.
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If I am going to give him a dolphins room, I want 1 room that I can decorate with kitties...he doesn't ever have to step foot in it!!!
hehehehehe (all part of the master plan!!!)
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