I'm a little shook up

Has anybody submitted any of their jewelry creations for the Beadazzled
show and book?
The information is on their website:
formatting link

Anyway, I sent in two necklaces and all the necessary paperwork the
beginning of October plus my entry fee for the show and inclusion in
the book. They said they had to give final approval after seeing the
jewelry in person. Well I got a box tonight with the paperwork, my
check and ONLY ONE NECKLACE back with a tiny handwritten note that my
necklace didn't make the final cut. Okay, I understand, but WHERE IS
MY OTHER NECKLACE??? I'm just freaking out a little... I'm not sure if
they only wanted just the one (in which case why did they send my
paperwork and check back) or they forgot to package the other one. I'm
just hoping it isn't lost. I already sent an email and I'll be
telephoning if I don't hear something tomorrow.
Darn! I know I shouldn't worry...
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Laura Dawson
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telephoning if I don't hear something tomorrow. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Yes. Definitely call and get a human being to talk to.
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Dr. Sooz
Well I didn't call yet but will be phoning on Monday. I have sent 2 emails and I realize that people don't read their emails every day but BELIEVE you me, I'm staying on top of it. I'll keep you posted!
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Laura Dawson

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