OT-one of our best days ever!

My son, Perry, graduated cum laude from Rider University yesterday with
a double major in finance and global business. While Perry was sitting
waiting to graduate, his cell phone vibrated. After graduation, he
called the company back, they offered him a job!! He'll be working in
investment accounting, for an international insurance company. It was
his number 1 choice.
Joe Torre (Yankees manager ) and his wife, Ali were awarded honorary
doctorates for their work with the Safe at Home foundation which works
to prevent child abuse and heal those affected by domestic violence.
I'm a big Yankee fan.
The weather, which was supposed to be torrential rain, flooding, etc.,
turned out to be beautiful - cool and sunny.
My MIL, who is 85, was there to celebrate with us. Last night ten of
us went out to dinner - Perry's friends, family and my best friend and
bead sister.
Just a perfect day!!
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Congratulations to everyone. Family encouragement is really important. It is hard work keeping going at uni especially when your age group is out working and earning big money. Our eldest has three degrees, ending up with a Doctorate and a big loan to pay back.
He has a great job nowadays and worldwide connections but the journey was a long one.
Cheers, Jan
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Jan G
Congratulations on your son graduating! I know you are proud!! It sounds like a wonderful time with all your friends and family.
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congratulations Patti (and Perry, and the rest of the family) - and a job to go with it right away too. -.
(Hope it'll go anywhere near similar with Nina, who's going to start college in the Fall)
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