Re: AOL'ers having problems?

I have been having that happen to me ever since I reformatted my computer
(the part about being swamped with posts that are days old), and I don't use
AOL. It never happened before I reformatted. The odd part is that when I got
back into the group, I clicked "catch up" in the edit menu which marks all
messages, including ones not downloaded as read. So all the messages have
been read, but bunches of them keep popping up in my newsreader (Outlook
Express) every time I reopen it.
For all of you on AOHell, have you had problems getting posts lately? I just
> got swamped with a bunch of posts that are days old. I've seen the replies, but
> not the originals until now. :-( I hope I'm the only one and it isn't effecting
> everyone. Last time this happened posts were missing for over a week! > > Valerie
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Marissa Undercofler
Yes. The other day, I didn't get any new posts ALL DAY LONG. Not in any of my newsgroups. I turned AOL off and on and rebooted my machine and everything else I could think of, but still didn't receive any new posts for many hours. Then, all of a sudden, my groups were flooded with the delayed posts. I hate it when AOL does that. -- Beckie
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Thanks all for the replies. I guess it was an AOL thing, although that doesn't make me happy. I'd rather it be a problem with MY computer and settings rather than it effect us all.
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