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Shells ... A variation on a theme.
I firmly believe that we don't all see things in the same light.
You're a jeweler. Your friend is not. It's a balmy day in the
Caribbean. You suggest a dip in the waters ... with snorkeling gear.
Let's see what we see. And so you both go off ... snorkeling gear in
one hand ... underwater camera in the other. But here's the thing of
it. You do not come away with the same mindset as your friend. He's
delighted. He's going to send pictures home. And you ... your mind
will not rest. It's a volcano of roiling thoughts piquing every corner
of your imagination.
Back home your friend shows his pictures at a "look at my vacation
images" party ... probably boring the crap out of his friends who are
far too polite to say anything. Ah ... but you ... now that's a
different story. You're in your shop. Don't wait up with dinner for me
hon ... I'll be late. Midnight. Maybe one. I'll call. You're
tinkering. You're sketching. You're soldering and sawing and bending
and twisting and carving out waxes. You're wife will be lucky if she
sees you at all tonight. You are engripped with feverish creativity.
You mutter inanities to yourself. She sells sea shells by the ....
And as it is for you ... perhaps once it was the same for Tiffany ...
and Trianon ... and others --who's names are not mentioned--in the
collage of sea shells and coral brooches and earrings you are about to
see about the sea.
Coral and Diamond Brooch is by Tiffany ... circa 1950 France ...
formed in the motif of a sea urchin in 18 karat gold. Value: About
6000 Swiss Francs roughly 20 years ago.
The Yellow Scallop Shell ... briolette sapphires, pearls, and diamonds
... is a brooch in 18 karat gold made by Trianon ... an artist whose
work I sadly do not know. Value: About 7000 Swiss Francs roughly 20
years ago.
And then the brooch and earring on the upper right and the earring on
the lower right are valued at 4500 and 2000 Swiss Francs respectively.
But in the end ... I go back to the beginning and how we see things.
Everything on this planet is fodder for the imagination. Creativity is
infinite. And she does sell seashells by the seashore. I know. I've
seen her selling.
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