Back after 7 years

I haven't stitched or read this ng for many years. I'm easing back in,
since I have lots of supplies. I did beadweaving for several years, but
craft shows were not worth the time and expense to sell my stuff. So here I
come back to stitching. I don't recognize anyone here, but it could just be
my There was an elderly man who lived in northern Ontario
Canada, named Jim. Is he still around?He was a dedicated stitcher and
volunteered to finish projects for those who had problems with a project.
Thanks....Sharon in Ontario Canada
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Thanks for the welcome. I remember Trish well....yohoo Trish. Glad to know you came back too......Thanks...Sharon, near Chatham, Ontario
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"biig" ( writes:
Hi Sharon (waving my hand madly!!) Yes I am still here, but I live in Ottawa, which I don't think really qualifies as "northern" Ontario.
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F.James Cripwell
LOL from where I am, it "is" northern....I'm only a little north of Windsor, which is our southern most city. Glad to see you posting. I'll check in more often when I get my stitching organized. It's been packed away for about 7 years and I'm looking for some stronger reading glasses..... TTYL....Sharon
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