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Hello all -
I was pleased to see that Russell Stover candy company had more of their
Spring sampler tins in stock on their web page. However, when I tried
to purchase one of these $5.99 tins I was advised that I would need to
pay $15 for shipping because of the weather here in California! (I
guess they're worried about melting) I even called their customer
service dept. but there's no way to circumvent that - ugh.
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really only want the tin itself - believe it or not I'm not a big chocolate lover - so I'm wondering if anyone on here that lives in a colder area would want to work out something for me? I could pay to have the tin shipped to your address, you can have the chocolate, and then ship the empty tin to me? We could work out details - but just thought I'd ask. I just have a hard time paying 3 times the cost of an item to ship it.
I'm interested in this particular tin because of the needlework motifs
and I have a chart that matches so you can stitch up a lining or make
accessories if you choose to use the tin for stitching. I've checked
all the local shops that carry this candy and they only have the
cardboard boxes...sigh.
any takers?
Thanks -
MelissaD in Sunny California
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How tempting...free chocolates huh? However, living in Florida, I bet they would charge an arm and a leg to ship here!
Seriously, we leave in a couple of days for the summer. In our travels, I will keep my eyes open for the tins...........I heard someone found them at a Stovers outlet...mmmmm, will have to check into those! My LNS owner has assigned me the evil task of checking out other LNSs as I travel, and report back as to what is different and catches me eye! Of course, I always HAVE to purchase something LOL
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Gill Murray
Joan in ND where spring *still* hasn't truly arrived...it's been 10 degrees below normal temps this time of year. :( Maybe this offer is why! :):):)
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Joan E.
Well, I live in the heart of Russell Stover Country (KCMO), so I'll see what I can find when I go out tomorrow.
Yes, Karen, I'll get one for you, too. ;) Anybody else want one while I'm at it?
Email me.
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Free chocolate! "Scientists are to investigate whether eating chocolate can reduce the risk of heart disease in women with diabetes. Volunteers - postmenopausal women with type 2 diabetes - will be asked to eat a bar of chocolate a day for a year." See
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Bruce Fletcher (Stronsay, Orkn
On 4/30/08 7:56 PM, in article snipped-for-privacy@mid.individual.net, "Karen C
I'll look for them (wonder if they are at the grocery store) I'll eat the chocolates and share extra boxes.
But if I go to the Russel Stover's site I can't tell which "sampler box" you all might want!
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Cheryl Isaak
The chocolate may not be quite what you expect; quoting from the BBC News item: "The University of East Anglia is using a specially formulated form of chocolate which contains more flavonoids than usual. This compensates for the fact that many flavonoids are destroyed in the process of turning cocoa into chocolate. Soy - another source of flavonoids - has also been added to the special bars."
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Bruce Fletcher (Stronsay, Orkn
We are specifically looking for the Spring sampler tin - it's a small metal tin in green, pink or yellow - listed for $5.99. No interest at all in the candy or any of the cardboard boxes, which is all I can find in my local stores.
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Melissa, is this accompanying chart a freebie you can share with me when you bring the box, or something I have to add to my shopping list?
And if my choices are green, pink or yellow, then I'd prefer green.
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Karen C in California
I saw that on TV last week - but there`s an age limit and to my fury I`m too OLD!
We have a piece of dark chocolate every day - strictly medicinal, of course. Our favourite has orange and slivers of almond in it (made by Lindt). Yummy. Don`t tell a soul, but today we had to raid a package I`d made up to send to a friend in America, as we`d run out and it`s Bank holiday so many of the shops are shut!
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Pat P

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