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hemming tape
Does anyone know if Dritz No-Sew Hemming Tape is acid free? I can't find this answer anywhere on the Web. I'm wondering if it can be used on fabric edges before starting a stitching project. TIA,...
11 years ago 3
OT: Woe is me!
I thought I`d recovered from the tummy-bug I had last week, and today settled down with my first piece of orange/almond plain chocolate for ten days - and HATED it!!! It`s been my absolute favourite...
11 years ago 10
Glow-In-The-Dark Yarn
Hello. I am new here. I live in Rhode Island. Does anyone know where I can purchase Burnet's Glow-In-The_Dark yarn or any other brand of Glow-In-The-Dark yarn??? I have been searching everywhere since...
11 years ago 10
Ping Dawne
Did you change time in Saskatchewan to surprise us all ? I think your computer clock is lying to you, your posts keeping floating to the top and the time shows as incorrectly, which is probably why...
11 years ago 7
DMC Mentor Program
I just came across the kit that DMC sent out to its Mentors years ago. I joined but never actually "mentor-ed", so I was wondering if anyone would like it. It has four small starter kits, a Mentor...
11 years ago 1
OT - My Bizarre Little Setback
So, not wanting to rant, but thought I'd share this bizarre experience (since so many of you have privately contacted me about the job search, new job, etc.). Well, at the end of my 4th week - I was...
11 years ago 37
Re: OT: Peeves about websites
See my prior response. Plus, I'd point out that not everyone is always at the computer and able to "promptly" respond to a question. Dyan's original post said the new designs were under new releases....
11 years ago 86
Re: OT: U.S. Dressage Olympics team disqualified!
For all we know, and likely, the horse was being treated with an anti-inflammatory the same way people take Motrin. These riders have back-up horses that can be used if there is a serious problem. And...
11 years ago 8
Re: OT: Peeves about websites
says... I hate/dislike/despise/loathe - clicking on an internal (aka part of the site) link and getting a 'page not found' message - clicking on an external (aka go elsewhere) link and getting a 'page...
11 years ago 5
How many projects do you have on the go?
Hi everyone! I'm interested in knowing how many of you work with the rotation system. Does it really work. I have 3 projects on the go and would like to start another without the guilt. ( big grins!)...
11 years ago 4
Project count and duration
I *may* be the only stitcher in the world who almost always has just one project going at a time. How many projects do you currently have started? How long does it typically take you to finish a...
11 years ago 12
Happy Dance
I finally finished my adaptation of the stamped cross stitch kit to surface embroidery. Adding the cross stitched roses was a bit of a challenge as the fabric wanted to fray. It was a fun experiment...
11 years ago 7
New Releases
Hi everyone! It's that time again. We have finally updated our website with the latest 12 new releases. They are listed under What's New. A little something for everyone! We also have a new Halloween...
11 years ago 15
Orkney tapestries
Thought you might like to see some local craftwork Great works , only i couldn` see in what techniques they were made ???????? mirjam Quoting from "The tapestries are woven on a large, extending,...
11 years ago 9
New Yahoo Group
cross stitch........ Come one, Come all...... Fatema.
11 years ago