Great couple of days

Haven't gotten much quilting done the last couple of days, but they have
been good ones none the less. Yesterday was spent with my DM on a bus trip
to 3 Kansas City LQS's. Had lots of fun and got a couple of things I needed
along with some things I didn't. Today I am watching my nephew and 13mo.
old darling niece. It is so much fun to cuddle and spoil them then send
them home with their parents when your are done. Right now the little doll
is eating her apple pieces while I try to catch up on what you guys have all
been doing. She has also been making friends with my Darius today. She has
been scared of my QI's as they are the only animals she really sees, and
doesn't often spend much time with them. She is now willing to pet him
nicely and doesn't scream when he 'gets too close'.
Well, I'm off to clean up some sticky hands and do some more spoilin' as
only us anuties can!!
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It is lots of fun to do the 'auntie' thing, isn't it? I just heard that another great-great niece or nephew is expected in October (all being well) has been a very long time since any of my nieces or nephews could be cuddled like yours - all of them could still be spoiled though! So, what did you buy that you didn't need?? jennellh
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It is so much fun to do the auntie thing. My boys and nephew are all getting so big. The youngest of them is 4 1/2. It is so niche to have another little one to snuggle. She is also the only girl of the family so she gets lots of spolin' from auntie and grandma. Hopefully one day grandma and auntie can teach her how to quilt (DSis doesn't even sew on buttons).
As to what I got that I don't need, I bought some cute patterns that 'just couldn't live with out'. Saw a few other things I would have liked to have had, but I bought 12 yds. of flannel for another project that took all my quilting money for awhile. I also came home with a couple of FQ's for my dear jane project, and an 8 1/2 in wide ruler so I can stop putting 2 together for strips larger than 6 in. Went over my trip budget, but oh, well. I 'needed' the fabric, ruler and those patterns too didn't I ; ) LOL!! Just means I have to stay out of the LQS for awhile, but I now have what I need for 2 more projects, including the backings so I should be able to stay busy for awhile.
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Charlotte, it sounds to me as though - the items that you bought were necessities! Dang the budget - I keep meal portions frozen, cat supplies in abundance and when the 'need' is there - buy fabric and supplies instead of groceries. I have an Omni 8-1/2 x 12" ruler which is probably the most used one in my ruler stash these days. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to buy only one other size. All the babies being born to family & friends lately have been boys - it is too soon to know about the new one who is coming. jennellh
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