Needles, and thread and machine-- oh my

Since there has been some discussion in another thread of machine
needles thought I would point out a couple of things.
1. Superior threads now has titanium coated topstitch needles, made
by Organ needles but labeled "Superior". They are available in sizes
as small as 10. Titanium helps the needle last 3-5 times longer than
plain needles. Topstitch means: sharp point, strong shaft, and larger
eye (easier to thread for some of us). A bit more expensive, but not
3 times as expensive.
2. Superior is having a special with all in the US shipping for
3. So check out some of the threads too. Masterpiece thread (extra
long staple cotton, wonderful for piecing/quilting) in all colors
except neutrals, large cones, is on sale. A cone lasts a long time,
and yes neutrals are what we generally use, but many of us also use a
lot of a few other colors.
4. Check out the "Try Me" specials. A great way to sample some of the
different threads. They pick the color when you pick the thread
5. If you have been looking for a really heavy cone thread stand, they
have a great model. And with the flat rate shipping the weight won't
cost you more.
Yes, I like Superior threads, and have been to the "School of
Threadology". But it is really good thread.
Oh yeah.
Machine news---- I am getting a Featherweight!!!!! One of the members
of the Guild Chapter I belong to has one, with a Featherweight folding
table, she is selling. Told DH that I *didn't* buy it, and he looked
at me and said "Merry Christmas to you?" So I am getting it.
The machine is in good condition, Jean used to use it regularly. (She
is getting to the age where she is really having trouble seeing and
such. So she is making sure a lot of her sewing stuff goes to good
homes, and brings her some always needed cash too.)
I am so looking forward to it. Have wanted a Featherweight for
(It also looks like I will eventually be getting a new "main
machine". And it will probably be a Bernina, since I can get employee
pricing and the owner of the shop would really like me to have a
Bernie. )
Lots of news and info.
Glad to hear from all of you, even though I only get a few (less than
30) messages a day.
Pati, in Phx
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Pati, in Phx
Thanks for the update, Patti! I, for one, can always use new info and a bargain to boot! I really want a new machine. Still undecided if I want a Bernina or a Husky. amy in SoCal
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amy in SoCal
I bought a Viking a few years ago anf LOVE it. Can't really comment about Berninia but I'm VERY happy with the Viking. Has the needle up/ down; auto tension and many other features and was somewhat reasonable at $1200 for all the other stuff that I really didn't care about. Not a 'quilter's' version - but I'm not a machine quilter so those features were not important to me regardless of machine. But I do machine quilt some charity quilts and other smaller pieces. I don't need a walking foot; auto tension for that purpose is wonderful. Haven't done anything beyond that from a MQ perspective. Lots of embroidery stitches built in if that is your desire. Comes in handy for some of the binding on the charity quilts that want everything machine done. Just my opinion. I know there are lots of Bernina folks here. We all have our preferences. I'm the spreadsheet queen. I did a s/s with the various brands with the features I wanted and who had what and then compared costs. But it all comes down to personal preference with test drives. Make sure you do that and can get whichever machine you select serviced reasonalby both geographically and financially.
Kim in NJ
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I have both Bernina and Husqvarna machines: an ancient Bernina 807, a 1008, and my 1150MDA serger, now a couple of years old...
I have my beloved Lily 550, and old Optima 190, and I used to run a Huskylock 910 serger.
I prefer the Bernina serger: smoother and quieter, smaller, but just as powerful.
I adore both the Bernina and the Husqvarna sewing machines, for slightly different things...
The Berninas are TOUGH! While I could never recommend it as a standard thing to do, I have sewn through tin cans on a Bernina! I also LOVE the Bernina eyelet kit (terribly expensive, but worth every penny: a must fpr corset making!), and the way they smoothly produce perfect stitches every time without even trying.
My Husqvarnas have the same stitch quality, and Lily, being electronic, does a variety of fancy stitches and buttonholes I find useful in my costume work.
I bought the Lily on the day I did because it felt like it was designed just for me. The Berninas are fantastic but FOR ME don't quite have that tailor made feel... You HAVE to try them for fit! And I very slightly prefer the drop-in bobbin, but am so used to swapping between the two that it really makes no odds.
That said, I did prefer the new big Bernina embroidery machine I tried at the NEC quilt show to the Husqvarna one, so again... :)
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Kim, I have had Viking/Husqvarna machines for almost 40 years. Love them, and it is a Viking #1 (no +) that is wearing out. However, there have been changes in the company, and I am not sure that Viking has what I want. sigh. I have considered another Viking, but..... Long ago I swore I would have nothing to do with Bernina, because of a "less than positive" experience in a workshop that was equipped with Benina machines. However, I teach and "work for fabric" and do shop samples for a quilt shop that carries Bernina machines. And then there is the stitch regulator that is available on some Bernies (including the one I am looking at getting). What finally pushed me over the edge was sitting in on part of a presentation/trunk show by Simon Haskins (Jenny Haskins son.) My Viking Rose has an embroidery module, but it is very dated, and only the small size. The Bernina I am considering has larger hoops, and some wonderful built in (hoooped) embroideries. sigh. I really don't need to get into machine embroidery, but there is so much neat new stuff out there. Add in getting an employee discount and it seems inevitable that the Bernina will come home with me someday. Long explanation, but lots of thought has gone into this almost certain decision.
Pati, in Phx
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Pati, in Phx

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