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Yall still cool over your way? For a week I've been ready to put up the
Christmas tree and bake goodies! For a few days it has been cool, dark and
rainy looking here in the foothills of SC. I haven't finished any Christmas
sewing! It will surly pour rain within the hour.
Barbara in dark SC
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Bobbie Sews More
We have had cold wet & windy in our part of the world. The wind has been screaming in from the east bringing Siberian wind chill to us. Brrrrr. There is talk about sending water from the wet NW of England to the dry SE & E of the country, I reckon they need to come and learn what it is like to live in the constant downpour. Or as our local radio station said in their 5 word weather "Save water, shower in garden!"
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Lizzy Taylor
It is cold and wet everywhere, we're in SW France and I've not known it to be this cold here, this late in the year and this is our 6th year here!
Mind you every year the locals suck their teeth and tell me that it isn't normal this year :O) So who knows!
We keep putting the central heating on and lighting the fire, usually finished with all that by the end of March! DD's b'day tomorrow, usually spent outside, but way too cold to do that this year. Mind you, I've spent the day baking without getting over heated, felt more like preparing for Christmas!
Oh yes, they were moaning about droughts and of course it then started raining! Works a treat every time.
Janner France
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Well, I don't know, over here in Munich the sun is shining, and I plan to go sip some prosecco on my terrace pretty soon and admire my DH's grass-cutting efforts. Roberta in warm sunny D
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Oh, so that's where the sun has gone ;) I know that it'll arrive soon and then everyone will be complaining that it is too hot! We're never satisfied are we!
Janner France
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I'm south and very very east (East Anglian coast) and I can assure you that we have rain, and rain, and wind, and more rain! Its too cold to shower in the garden!
Sally at the Seaside ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~uk
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Sally Swindells

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