update on my health and sanity

Thank you for the many cards, prayers and good wishes from my RCTQ
friends. It has been very encouraging to know there are so many people
that care.
I am gaining strength each week. Next week I start cardiac rehab.
After 2 1/2 weeks in the hospital and another 3 weeks laying around
the house my entire body is seriously in need of rehab. This is the
fourth email I have written this morning and then I will have to take
a nap.
I found that sitting at the sewing machine is especially tiring.
Knitting has become my sanity saver. The project can't be too
complicated so I am alternating between a simple cardigan for my
grandson and American Girl Doll clothes to donate to a charity craft
sale this fall.
My guild show is this week end. My husband is taking my quilts to the
check-in this evening. Fortunately the show location is only a few
blocks from my house. I plan to go for an hour during the afternoon
then come home and nap before returning again in the evening. Must be
careful not to stand around and talk too much.
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Susan Laity Price
So glad you're feeling better! I agree, knitting is a suitable alternative sanity-saver. And putting your work out for others to admire is almost as much fun as making the quilts in the first place! Well done! Roberta in D
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On Apr 26, 10:52=A0am, Susan Laity Price wrote:
slow and steady wins the race! just please take care of yourself.
My mom knits dishclothes for us. it's her sanity saver
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I am up to 7 sweaters, 2 afghans, 3 pair of socks, and a shetland shawl. If you fancy something new, this looks simple and fun:
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It's a bear done in chunky yarn. It looks to be one of the nicest bears for knitting I have recently found. I went looking because it occured to me that a bear or something like it would do well in the eyelash yarn that has been kicking around here forever. I actually had to buy yarn to finish off the last afghan, so I wanted something to use what I already have. Somebody gave that box of eyelash yarn some time ago, and I've never figured out what to do with it.
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thanks NM! I knit lots of bears for the women's shelter (every child gets a bear), and sometimes people give me chunky yarn. My fave pattern so far would make a humonguous bear in chunky -just not on.
I have used the eyelash yarn for bears, and it worked really well. Don't try to crochet with it though, that's a recipe for insanity! Roberta in D
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I did knitted bears for Africa a few years ago and every bear had its own shoe-bag sized bag so the child could put other treasures in too and bear had a carrying bag so it was less likely to get lost.
Sally at the Seaside ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~uk
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Sally Swindells
We do the bags as well -for both moms and kids. They use them to hold toiletries, toothbrush, soap etc. the bags can hang on a door handle and take up almost no space. Roberta in D
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