Plea Deal and counseling

Update on things.
Yesterday my young friend called and said that he had gotten a call that the
third person had accepted the plea deal. The creep/jerk/liferuiner is back
in jail. Yippe Yay! Also found out a few more details about the other
victims but most awful is that one victim in Seattle has lifelong injuries.
That case will now be moving to trial since they know who the perp is.
Apparently this guy might have been a suspect all along, but my friends
incident was the one that actually identified him by camera and linked it
all together.
Also went to the crisis center today. That was rather un-dramatic. Mostly
because after two weeks lots has happened and he has been through a lot
already, we've taken care of a lot of things already, the prosecutors have
been busy, and so many other things. The advocate was shocked at the lack
of response by the store and the police and the slowness of medical exam,
etc. Once my friend is comfortable with releasing some information to her,
she will be calling the SVU team and explaining the importance of the local
police officer responding to the call to treat sexual assault vicitims
equally, male or female, for medical exams, etc.
We did get a list of resources to start counseling and several of the names
on the list are on our local LGBT website and being friendly to our
community and specific issues so that is good. A meeting Thursday with
store staff about insurance stuff and other help and then he will call to
schedule to begin counseling. I told him, in my father voice and demeanor,
that I would be checking with him on that. He's coming to stay with us
again on Thursday and out to school with me on Friday to see friends again
so I will have a chance to talk with him again.
He was nervous, and that was all he wanted to do today. One step at a time.
But forward.
Parents are being pissy and wanting access to his bank accounts, his new
address and such. He said no, not any of your business. They are toxic,
take his money and threaten physical violence. Just what we didn't need to
deal with today. Oh well.
Sewed again yesterday but not much. Off to work tomorrow.
Thanks for listening.
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Steven Cook
i'm glad things are progressing, but slowly. I think i would want to be screaming at teh police...this type of crime is a crime, no matter what the gender of the victim. I bet there is more than one lawyer that would pounce on that.....
This young man is so lucky to have you and bert in his life--he's getting to experience good parenting, something that sounds like it's been missing in his life. God bless.
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So good to hear progress forward is starting. Slow is okay for the steps being taken so he feels valued and comfortable in learning about how to handle all this. He has focus on him he never has had before, and that can be pretty unnerving. His trust level is severely handicapped right now.
The counselor sounds very wise, and may help get things changed re response to these types of crimes.
Blessings to you, Bert, and the community for aiding this young man.
Ginger in CA
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Ginger in CA
Slowlt os OK at this stage, and forward is good.
Keep the toxic parents at bay!
Good luck to you all. Fingers remain crossed here that the perp gets a good long rest at what here is referred to as being 'at her majesty's pleasure'!
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