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> Well, DH and I will be on the road tomorrow at noon making our way across
> country to Iowa. We got a letter from our attorney yesterday that our court
> date is set for Monday. We knew it was coming we just didn't expect such a
> short notice.
[gently snip details about evil ex-wife]
Any prayers that you all can send our way for safe travels and for the judge
> to actually let justice prevail would be most appreciated. DH and I are both
> trying to be positive and not give in to the hurt and anger, but it's really
> hard when you have no choice but sit back and watch as she destroys his/our
> relationship with the girls and to not be able to do anything about it. >
> Mika
Prayers on the way for you and your DH. If it's any consolation, the
situation will probably get better. My DH has an ex like the one you
described. When the kids grew up, they each came to visit on their own,
and discovered that my DH was not the ogre his ex had always told them
he was.
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TerriLee in WA
Gently trimmed...
Prayers for a happy outcome on the way - and a side order of good shopping! ;) Have a safe trip.
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Kate Dicey
Good luck on Monday, and I hope you find Lots of yummy fabrics that fling themselves into your arms. I can commiserate on evil moms, trust me. But on the positive front, I wouldn't have a pair of delightful (I call them my godson and goddaughter) children in my life, if it wasn't for their mom's hatefulness. Hopefully as his grow up a little more, they will make their own relationship with your DH and you.
Much sympathy and prayers, Elena in Tx
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Boy, ain't that the truth. My dh's son was here yesterday, for his 21st birthday, which he chose to spend with us instead of his mother. She had the boy convinced that his father had "abandoned" him, (even tho he was never late on a visitation or payment...and took as MUCH time with him as the ex and the courts would let him have), among other things. She also convinced him that since we live in California, that he would most likely come visit us, and die here, due to some accidental death in the swimming pool or spa or something. No wonder the kid threw up every time he left home, eh?
Well, the beauty of is that he now sees BOTH parents through the eyes of a (young, admittedly) adult perspective, and realizes that his mom is a psycho, and his dad is the only stable thing in his life. DUH!
Why do parents DO these things to their children?..(rhetorical question...thanks)
The Blessed Fiddy, Patroness Saint of the Disorganized LC in Sunny So Cal Personality Development Specialist (Full-Time Mom!)
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LC aka Fiddy

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