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I have a picture of my Mum on my sewing room wall, with exactly one of those hairstyles! Very evocative picture. Thanks Taria. . In message , Taria writes >1925 style! > > >
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You should see one of the old business textbooks that I have and how the women were dressed and the equipment they were using. I should scan some of the pictures for you to see. I've never seen so many matching outfits with skirts, jackets, hat, gloves and purse. Oh my, what you ladies of that era had to go through.
Steven Alaska
1925 style!
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I have a book of old gadgets and it shows a treadle Singer machine. However the lady who is using it, is sat on the box type lid. Stood on one end, with a cushion on it.
I wonder if it was actually meant for that purpose. My mother's machine had that type of cover. Shirley
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Shirley Shone

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