"The Quilt"

The travelling quilt show of donated quilts for breast cancer support
in Canada was cancelled because sponsorship was withdrawn by La-z-boy
stores (economic reasons were given)..the website for the "The Quilt"
has been updated instead to display several categories of quilt shows
and the auctions involved. All of the left-hand page links lead to a
parade of varied quilt designs - if you want to take a tour:
formatting link

Enjoy the show, jennellh
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Jennifer in Ottawa
I volunteered as a "quilt sitter" at our local store in Kingston a few years ago. We had quilts on display for a week. They looked wonderful in the store, and we offered free info pamphlets as well as programs for sale. We also handed out info on our guild. It was fun meeting and greeting people, and also getting a close-up view of the beautiful quilts!
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Susan Torrens
Finally, I have the Madness quilt done and got to spend some time with these quilt pictures. If you have a few minutes go study # 054. The way they've extended that pattern out into the border, methinks, is delightful. You'd have to do some serious thinking to achieve that effect but it is quite dazzling. Polly
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Polly Esther

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