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Well renovations as usual. Yesterday I ironed a baby panel that I need
to get done ASAP as the mom is due in a couple of weeks. Well I hung a
bar in a door way to baste it. I have no access to a table right now. So
I thought hang the layers over the bar and use my basting gun. It's a
panel with prequilted backing. Then I plan on using the premade silk
binding on it. Mainly because I have never done it and want to try. Well
can't get to my basting gun. The sewing room is blocked by sheets of
plywood and drywall. So maybe today hubby will help move it so I can at
least sneak in there for a couple of mins. My sewing machine is resident
of the kitchen table till we are done this renovation.
We live in a mobile home, an older one. Renovating one room at a time. A
total gut and rebuild, insulation and everything. We joined two of the
jack and jill rooms to make a master bedroom/ensuite. Only our ensuite
is really small. One step in the room turn right it's the stand up
shower, turn to the left it's the toilet, shoved in the corner is a
small vanity which I will have to custom make as they don't sell them
small enough it will be 22" wide. Hubby has 95% of the room built. Just
waiting for some warmer weather to cut open the floor and replace as
it's rotten from previous owners that had a water leak. So bedroom and
closet and some of the hallway are all drywalled. It's my turn to tape
and mud everything. With my neck issues it takes me awhile to do the
ceilings. But we don't set deadlines, renovations will be on going I'm
pretty sure forever. So we just say it will get done when it gets done.
We don't stress about it. And if we take a few days to just rest, visit
friends or take the kids to the zoo it's all good. It does feel funny to
have actually walls now though. We spent all winter just seeing the
studs and insulation in the wall.
For those that remember I'm finally feeling normal after delivering the
last baby. Thyroid is normal although I'm still 25pounds over weight. Dr
says not to stress cuz I can't fit my thyroid. I'm glad to have my
energy back though so I can do the things I love like quilting and
spending more quality time with my kids and friends. If you read this
far, Thanx I tend to ramble sometimes.
Take Care
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I'm glad to hear you're feeling normal again. Seems like a long time, doesn't it?
I love your attitude about the renovations getting done when they get done. Not everyone can do that, but if it works for you, more power to you! Sometimes we have a tendency to stop the rest of our life when we work on a major project like that, so it's great to hear that you're finding innovative ways of working around the reno to fit in some sewing and family time. Good for you!
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Louise in Iowa
I'm hoping you can come back by and read this warning. Be sure to keep your SM firmly covered. A friend of mine's SM got a snootful of drywall dust. The cleaning and repair was mighty expensive. That fine but sharp powder from cutting drywall is most unhealthy for SMs. Polly
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Polly Esther
Very pleased to see you back again. My OH and I lived in a very large caravan (trailer) for 5 years and had a bathroom/ensuite just like yours - small. Good luck with the renovations and good wishes for continued good health.
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It sounds like your mobile home remodel is coming right along. These things always take time. I began remodeling my old mobile home over three years ago and still haven't finished everything. Just keep thinking of how nice everything will be and how you can say that you did it yourselves!
I have spent the past three days custom designing and installing trim around the triple windows in my bedroom. I replaced the windows last summer, but ran out of good weather before I could figure out how to do the interior trim. I plan to prime the trim tomorrow, if it does not rain. Then I am installing an eight-foot long bookshelf (of mdf) over the window. Eventually, I will make a small cabinet (tv stand/ shelf/clothes hamper) to sit under the windows on the right. My bed is centered under the windows. On the left, I will design a small chest of drawers to hold linens, with a set of deep shelves above running up to the ceiling. This will have a custom "bed wall" effect.
Three of my feline QIs live in my bedroom and have become "CI"s (Construction Inspectors) lately. They're very good at getting under foot, finding nails I dropped, sniffing the caulk around the windows, and other helpful tasks ;)
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Johanna, it's so very good to hear from you. And I'm glad you're feeling better. Wow, what a housing adventure you and your DH are embarked upon. I want to see photos of quilts and rooms as they're finished!
Hugs, Sunny
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That's great news, I know you delivered after me and that you were a surrogate, but I don't think your body recovering from a pregnancy is much easier just because you don't actually have a baby. In the past few weeks I've been feeling similar to you, glad to have my energy back, I haven't really got to quilting, but I have rediscovered my sewing machine and tidied up a lot of stuff. Baby is in a clingy phase at the moment, coming out the other side of one of the separation anxiety phases and just cut a tooth, so in the next few weeks I'm hoping I'll get some more time. I'm about 25lb over weight too, put it on after the baby though, I seem to lose my baby weight by giving birth, then put it all back on again because my stomach can finally hold something!
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Anne Rogers
Thanx for the heads up. I do buy the better mud that sinks to the floor. The regular stuff just floats in the air for days. But I will cover my machine to be safe. Take Care Joanna
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Thanx so much for the ideas. A book shelf above the window. What a great space saving idea. We've been renovating for three years now as we renovated our house before we sold that and bought the trailer. It was neglected for years. So I'm thinking it will take at least another 5 more years before everything and every room is done. But it is so worth. Two summers ago hubby and I put a roof on. The trailer had a little rounded roof of metal on it. Well I would build the trusses myself in the back yard during the day and at night we would put a couple of them up. Right over the old roof. It took us a month, a lot of sore bones but we are both proud that we were able to do it ourselves. Neither of us had ever done anything that larger. A neighbourgh had done his and was the same size and he had a left over truss. It was done by a carpenter so we just used that as a template. It made a huge difference in sound proffing and insulation in the house too. Now neighbourghs across the way are asking for help cuz they want to do theirs as well. Which makes me feel good that I live here. Everyone tries to take care of their properties here. I used to live in a trailer park when I was younger and no one cared what their place looked like, the old adage "trailer park trash." That's not so here. So I am blessed. Take Care Joanna
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OMG, Joanna! I can't believe all the stuff you're doing. And with a baby, too. I'm totally impressed.
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