what I've been up to

Someone asked me if I've been doing any quilting. When I first left I
was working on this pattern - >
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But then for 3 or 4 week I just couldn't work on anything. Then I made
a few small quilt tops just for fun with the scrap basket. Then nothing
again. Flat on my face. Last week I started thread basting those small
tops for hand quilting, getting ready for a larger project I have coming
up. I have also been back at hand quilting of an evening for awhile.
Life is returning! I'm going to be very careful about getting back to a
regular schedule though. I want to make sure I'm in the
long-term-doing-better stage.
What have you all been up to?
Karen, Queen of Squishies
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Karen, Queen of Squishies
That's beautiful. Thanks for the site. I can get lost there for a loooong time. Gen
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Karen, Good to "see" you! It may be you need to reboot as it were.
Keep plodding along. it will come back to you!
I'm in the process of several small projects and one BIG one. have to get that one done first, i have a deadline on it.
amy in CNY
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amy in CNY
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That is a great pattern. One of those on my 'someday' list. How well did it go together for you? I am so glad you are doing better. Not sure there is a 'regular' in life. That seems to be a fluid thing.
Lots of garden spring cleaning going on here. I am finishing up a simple top of all hoffman type florals. It has been an easy projects that has been pretty fun to work with. Next up is ring bearer pillow for a wedding. Kind of a fun thing.
Don't be over doing it. Take care. Hugs, Taria
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One of my favorite designs! Is yours batik too? That's so lovely!
There's something about scrap quilts in times of stress. Doing one just makes you feel in control. I'm just making scrap blocks these days, and really need to ask myself what stressful thing I'm ignoring! Roberta in D, Queen of the Scrap Heap
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