can't get started

Well, I went to Vienna for a vacation and planning to make an album for
it but I just can't get started! I thought I would go with red and
green since it was christmas but now I'm not so sure... I'll be using
light gray as the background for the entire album but I donno which
colors to pick for embellishing :(
Can anyone have any suggestions?
you can see some pictures at:
formatting link
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Welcome Do you need to stick with just two colors for embellishing? I am doing a wedding album for my BIL and when there are two pages across from each other, they will be the same but otherwise, I am going with the general mood of the photos. I am planning on keeping everything in the same shade, just different colors, and it is whatever makes the pictures stand out. The photos from Vienna are beautiful photos. Jacqui
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Hi Jacqui, Actually yours is a great idea, For my wedding album, that was sort of what I did, for different occasions, I used different colors (engagement was pink, proposal was red, etc) So maybe I can use different shades for different places... I just got a scrapbook encyclopedia yesterday, so I'm guessing tonight will be my scrapbook night! I'll put the pictures in a site after I'm done!!!
Thanks for the advice :)
scrappymissjacqui yazdi:
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If you are going to use red and green, I wouldn't use bright colors. I would use darker red and green. I think those colors would complement the pictures more than the brighter colors.
Welcome to the group. I can't wait to see what you do with your pictures. It looks like a wonderful trip.
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I did start yesterday and I did use red and green, but they did seem to suit the pictures I was working with! I had bought handmade paper from Vienna and I chose to use them!!! I'll post the layouts as soon as I can but the thing is, my layouts never look like the ones you guys are posting! I just use plain backgrounds and put designed paper behind the pictures and compliment with some journalling and stickers! I tend not to use things that would stick out from the page 'cos I only have access to regular ring binders and they are not actually great!!! there are no scrapbooking stores in Turkey so I try to buy magazines (I haven't seen one in months, I think they stopped selling them 'cos no one other than me was buying :)) Anyway, I just wich I had access to more resources so to make better layouts! Or maybe I'm just lacking creativity!!!!
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In article ,
Actually, what you describe sounds very creative to me. I think sometimes a lack of supplies can bring more creativity than an abundance of supplies. I also think, for lots of people, and in lots of fields of design, you start out so excited about all the different things you can use that you want to use them all, right away. Then, as you mature as a designer, you start paring things down to what's really needed.
At least, that was my experience in designing web pages, which use a lot of the same principles as scrapbook pages. When I first started, I used patterned backgrounds, fancy fonts, animated gifs, even background music. The more pages I made, the less and less complicated they got.
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Actually, it sounds like you're being very creative! I really like the idea of using the paper you bought in Vienna. Definately adds to the album and how special it will be. And actually, sometimes I see layouts in the magazines that have so much ribbon, tags, etc to them that my eye goes to the embellishments instead of the photos. To me though, scrapbooking should be about the photos, not the froo-froo stuff around them.
So, in my opinion, keep doing what you're doing...using the resources you do have, and scrap from your heart. The rest will all come together. That's the great thing about scrapping, there's no wrong way to do it, and the only one you have to please is yourself. :-)
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Deb in AR
Your pages sound really nice and very creative. I agree with Deb, the simplest pages are often the best looking ones. The handmade paper you got on the trip will make the pages even more special. Have you tried purchasing things online?
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Well I haven't purchased anything online yet, I2m not sure if they would ship things to Turkey and even if they did, I believe that the paper would be crapled if it ever got to me!!! Turkish postal service is not great, I had many experiences where things I sent or were sent to me never reached the destination!!! So I'm kinda hesitant about that! if you know any sites that would ship things to Turkey, I would like to try it out!
Cathy yazdi:
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