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Ladies and Gents-
I'm looking for a graphic or something that I can make a family
tree. I'm making an ABC album for my friend that is due in November and I'm
taking Kellars Idea of doing a Family Tree for the letter F. But having a
hard time coming up with something. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Tabitha McCarthy
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Here's a zip file of several trees that might be of use. For a child's book, I personally would use either the poohtree or the donald duck tree, but for an adult I'd use either the ccm tree, tree 7 (and add punchie leaves with the names on it as the foilage) or famtree Have fun!
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CC - I want to thank you for the graphics. I knew that I could count on this group. It is for a child's book but its a baby book so basically its probably geared more for the adult so she can fill it out.. So I think I'm going to use the famtree.. that one is just too cute :) Thanks again :)
Tabitha FL
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Tabitha McCarthy

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