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HI. My mom fowards the damnedest eMails that she believes to be true. Given how gullible she is I tend to check out websites she forwards without a care in the world. Here's the link that she...
13 years ago 16
Thank you SS
I received a cute e-card/little game from my Secret Santa today. The game was to catch all the things falling - leaves and acorns - falling from the trees. Thank you, SS! (P.S. - I have managed to...
13 years ago
Ok, most in here know that several of us like to get the newest stuff, try it out then spout our views of it. Well earlier in the week I ordered one of the Ellison (Sizzix) Big Shots. it is the...
13 years ago 4
OT: just need to unload
Tuesday DH and I went up to the hospital to see a guy from work who'd had surgery on Monday (had his colon resected as he had polps(I know I butched the spelling on that!) and they were growing...
13 years ago 16
Thank you SS!!!
I just got an e-card from my SS - telling me to be lazy this weekend - which I have EVERY intention of doing!!! (A lot of sleeping!) Thank you SS!! Have a good weekend! Jessica
13 years ago
X-mas Cards for the Troops
A co-worker of mine is putting together a box for the holidays to send to our troops. Anyone interested in sending a card to the troops for the holidays please email me. She would like to have the box...
13 years ago 2
OT: AD- Sale 10% off invoice for all Store Inventory Items
Hello ..... I'm offering 10% off total invoice for all store inventory and Buy It Now items from my Ebay store. I've just listed some new embellishments, 12X12 papers and ribbon. Please stop by and...
13 years ago
To all that recieved the RCS snail mail List
i couldnt get the full page cause im on webtv and so i didnt get to the part of the names and addresses of the list..can anyone of you that did send me the names and addresses only so i can have it...
13 years ago
Hello, I just recently got married and I wanted to make a scrapbook of the day to have as a keepsake. Although I have never really done this on my own before I am extremely motivated to try. I have so...
13 years ago 17
startin stampin
I am thinking about getting into stamping, something I have never done before. I need a good site to teach me about inks and embossing powders and so on. I would also like to know what would be my...
13 years ago 5
New Pages and ACTs
I finally scrapped something this week! They are pages for my dd's high school graduation. It only took me 5 years to get to them! I also put up pictures of my ACT's for the swap. The pages are in the...
13 years ago 11
Does anyone have any suggestions on a good digital camera that's not too expensive? I think my Sony Cybershot is about shot. I've only had it .. will be 3 years this January. Kendra was a baby when I...
13 years ago 10
Snail mail List Sent
I just sent out the snail mail list to those of you who provided your addresses. If you did not provide your address in the last couple of months, then you will not receive this list. I am sure that...
13 years ago 14
OT: Halloween pics posted
My daughter in her COW costume, and my son as the lead in Dracula the school play. enjoy! Cowchipper ~*~COWCHIPPER~*~ (__) (oo)____ / @@ ___ / || ''|| ^^ ^^ OMG!!! She is adorable!!!! I can't believe...
13 years ago 13
OT: Trick or Treat Cheerleader
New munchkin pictures from halloween curtsey of my sister very last page on this album or the last 6 pixs Kate How cute! Sarah makes a wonderful cheerleader. Love the pics of the pumpkin patch. I...
13 years ago 4