Bernina 830

I am going to buy a Bernina 830 on e-bay. I notice that some 830's are
listed and marked as BERNINA RECORD ELECTRONIC, whereas others are
only marked as BERNINA, in addition some sellers list their machine as
'heavy duty'. Are all the 830's the same or is there a difference
between those that are marked ELECTRONIC and those that are not so
Thanks for the guidance.
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Mine is not an electronic record as the age is before those, but it will sew heavy duty on leather and then switch to the finest material and never have to switch the tension. Rollie\
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Can't help you with the Bernina 830, but beware of sellers who claim their household machines are "heavy-duty" or worse yet, "industrial." They lie. Older machines tend to be more sturdy, being made entirely of metal, and being of simpler design. They can sew through whatever their motor has enough power to sew through - heavy denim, leather, even some wood. That's not unusual for the older domestic machines. If the needle doesn't break.
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