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I have a WHITE SUPERLOCK 534; it has served me well for years (30+) it is in need of a new motor belt. It is on the way. I have access to the pulley (removed all necessary covers) Just wondering if I need to remove pulley to install new belt or can a "stretch" it on without damaging the new belt? I have removed a pulley from a motor on a long arm machine and re-installed it but if I don't have to in this case I would rather not? Thanks to anyone who has an answer to this question. Susan
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Hopefully Ron, our resident guru, will be along in a day or two to answer your question.
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YOu do not remove the pulley, the motor is adjustable for tension shorten it up so you can get it on the tighten only so tight that it does not slip but does not impede (slow) the motor.
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