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Can anyone tell me how long and how wide the skirt should be? The design has
a yoke which includes the full armhole.
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Mary C
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I have two christening patterns (both are both Vogue (1755 and 2675)). For length, one is 39", the other 37 1/4". For width, one is 62", the other is 53". On the shorter one, the length is minus a ruffle on the bottom, so finished with the ruffle it should be a couple inches more. Both lengths are finished back lengths from the base of the neck. HTH!
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As long and as wide as you like! They are all different... The one my grandmother made for my mother had a skirt about 36" round and 20" long... My son wore it for his Christening. Just don't make it so bunchy and full that you can't see the baby for fabric!
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Kate Dicey
It depends on the person being christened. If it's a babe-in-arms the skirt is usually full length, sometimes longer so that it trails. As for width, I'd say up to 2 widths of fabric if it's fine or less if not.
If course if the person being christened can crawl or walk you'll need a shorter skirt.
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Sally Holmes

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