I'm home from Cape Cod

Hi everyone, I returned last evening from my second stint of the
summer on Cape Cod. I was there for 3 weeks in July, home for 1 week
and then stayed for 5 weeks.
I loved every minute of my time there. I did all kinds of relaxing,
vacationy stuff. I have to stay stuff, because it's hard to put a name
on reading books (8), seeing friends and family. All 4 of my children
plus spouses, my 9 grandchildren and 2 boyfriends. Many meals with
family and friends. Of course the beach and just hanging out in the back
yard, watching clouds go by.
I also went to two beach concerts to watch my 14 y.o. grandson play with
a teenage rock band. He is a born performer. The band was in conjunction
with guitar lessons.
The one thing I didn't do much of, even though it was in the back of my
mind, was sew. I brought out my machine and used it a total of about 3
times. Just some little mending jobs. I did get a friend to help me fit
the top I had planned on finishing. I never conquered the insert with
the square corners but did find a suitable way to get a nice smooth
look. I combined the pieces to make a yoke with an snap opening.
Pictures someday. when I finish the top.
I came home with more projects then I went with. As soon as I get my
laundry and house caught up I'll start sewing.
I loved being away.I'm glad to be back home.
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Juno, I am so envious of your having a home on the ocean! Your activitiers are precisly what I like to do when I go the the Oregon coast: Relax... read... nap... shop... eat... sleep...
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BEI Design
I don't want you to feel bad Beverly but we plan on going back for the month of October. How long we actually stay depends on how cold it gets. It's a three season house technically. Sometimes the spring and fall are cut short because it gets to cold and damp.
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I would so welcome cold and damp right now! It's 95 degrees and still going up. I lost power for 45 minutes a while ago. Back now, but fingers crossed, the AC is the only thing keeping me sane ATM.
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