New to me Bernina - and stash!

A little while ago I was given a Bernina 1005! It's for use with the
kids, and other projects. I do love these solid Berninas... This one
needed a new foot control (usual failure if and when they go - the Slow
setting was bust!). Now I have a new foot control and am ready to play.
Oh, the agony - what do I make? Do I start a whole new project? Do I
work on my jacket I cut out yonks ago but never made up because the mad
customer projects took over the world? Do I complete something part done?
I'm tempted by the jacket... New project, but already cut out and the
fusible bits done, so ready to roll... And virtuous as it's a stash bit
of fabric!
Or I could do the bits of James's next pair for zippy off trousers that
don't get serged... Another stash-using project, this - though I did
have to buy the leg zips!
Or I could clear the decks and cut out a period costume piece from the
linen I dyed bitter chocolate brown...
Or I could wait a few days in increasing frustration until my new pile
of fabric arrives and make something out of that. I was VERY naughty...
I needed to buy some denim for James to make jeans, so I ordered two
different types to give him a choice, and a few other bits fell into the
order... There's 20m on the way!
Oops! I think I fell off my fabric diet!
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Congratulations on the new machine acquisition, Kate -- and also the stash! What fun!
-Irene ------------- "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." - Mae West
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(Fell off the chair, plonk!).. Oh my Kate, you are so funny.. Thanks, you will never know how I needed that laugh today...
I really think that you should do something for YOU for a change. (My 02 cents).........
Go ahead, Make something pretty that will make us all pea green with envy..
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Do this!!! It's for you right? And it's so ready to work it's practically begging you...I can hear it from here. ;)
Uh oh. Guess so. ;) S'ok. I've been imbibing somewhat too. lol I have some linen blends coming to make up into teacher outfits for me for the early fall. It stays warm enough for linen here till about mid-October usually. And I just got a package yesterday with thread for the industrial, a new presser foot for the industrial and some glass head pins. ;) It's good to be bad every now and again. ;)
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I did! It's about half done... Need to fire up the serger to neaten a few edges.
It arrived today! I've been stroking it.
I bought a 3m length of 60" wide shirt fabric last week, in lilac... Very soft and yummy. £2 a metre, so not bad, really.
The parcel that came today was:
3m of seriously strong Denim for James to make jeans out of... 3m of softer denim mix that will make me a really nice skirt. 3m pinky lilac linen & viscose mix... Not quite the colour I wanted, so I may dye this one! 3m of nearly black 'pewter' twill 3m lilac twill 3m heavy poly lilac crepe... More of a dove grey, this one. Very yummy skirt weight. 5m grey cotton twill
Some will sit in the stash for a while, some will get made up almost straight away. All good stuff.
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